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The Friends of the Sandy Pool is a community-based coalition of citizens,  service  clubs, businesses, and the Oregon Trail School District formed to benefit the pool and its patrons.  The FOSP invites and shares community input regarding the needs of our pool and looks for ways to provide financial support through local fundraising.

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​​ City, District Reach A Deal to Save The Sandy Pool,  Special Thanks  

The city and district have reached a deal for the city to purchase and take over the Olin Y Bignall Aquatic Center.  There has been a recent agreement reached between the city and school district to maintain the status quo on the pool until the school district vacates the Cedar Ridge Middle School.  

Thanks to all the Friends of the Sandy Pool for the community action that initiated this transition to the city back in 2013. Special thanks goes to our officers (Kimberly Nelson, Dottie Geneaux, Gloria Bean) for their passion to raise public awareness of the threat to the pool that faithfully serves the entire Sandy region.  Also, special thanks go the Fran Meyer, John Peel, Vickie Hewitt, Sue Gerberding and many more not mentioned here.  

John Peel provided technical support for the purchase and installation of the ADA Handicap equipment.  

Chip Bulson, was an early vocal leader needed to build the momentum to get support for the pool and Dan Thompson, was our voice when he was elected to the School District Board.  

Seth Atkinson, City Manager, has been tireless as he led the city to this win-win solution for both the school district and the city of Sandy.  This deal only happened because of Seth's persistence that guided us through the government pot holes.  

Friends of the Sandy Pool will continue to be active in the support and maintenance of the pool and its services, notice the fresh paint and clean appearance of the grand old lady! 

JOB WELL DONE TO All!  It really does take a village!

Call: 503-668-4400]

[PO Box 1705
Sandy, OR 97055]

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